Transaction Connect raises 1.5M € from Elaia to develop its omni-channel CRM solution.

Transaction Connect, announces a 1.5 million euro funding round led by Elaia, supplemented by 700,000 euros in non-dilutive funding thanks to several partners including RAISE and Total Développement Régional. Didier Seillier, member of the supervisory board since 2016, is also participating in this round.

The start-up, accredited by the Banque de France, offers a turnkey and secured solution that turns your regular payment card into your loyalty card, across Europe and around the world. Thanks to the analysis of transactional data and deep understanding of consumer behavior, Transaction Connect also provides a marketing platform to dust off the customer relationship via hyper-personalized content and rewards.

An omni-channel solution of customer knowledge and engagement for retailers, based on transactional data.

84% of customers would stop buying from a brand that does not take into account their preferences and past purchases, conversely 50% of customers prefer a merchant who provides them with customized offers and preference-based messages .

Because the acquisition of new customers is a long and costly process, it has become crucial for all retail players not only to retain them but, above all, to maximize the value of each customer.
For this, Transaction Connect provides a unique technology to identify each transaction carried out both offline and online, whatever the retailer. This is all thanks to the consent given directly and exclusively by the customer. Trustworthy, easy and transparent.

In order to guarantee a more qualitative customer relationship to its end-users, the start-up has developed a Marketing / CRM platform offering personalized recommendations to each individual, according to their buying habits (average basket, frequency of visits, favorite brands…). It allows all physical and online marketplaces (shopping centers, city centers, click & mortar retailers…) to engage their end-customers with accurate content thanks to recommendation algorithms based on artificial intelligence.

“Consumers continually demand personalization throughout their shopping journey and expect to be treated as individuals. Our mission is to understand their expectations, in order to offer them personalized content. After having incubated Transaction Connect in 2017 at URW Link, our open innovation platform, we tested the solution in 4 shopping centers. It has proven to help us better understand our customer preferences and needs, engaging them with perfectly tailored content, to relate with every customer. After 15 months using the solution, our customers have adopted it: 87% of them are active users”

explains Myf Ryan, Chief Marketing Officer Europe Unibail Rodamco Westfield.

A seamless customer experience.

Transaction Connect white-label technology allows consumers to link their means of payment directly to their loyalty program. It is a seamless experience because the transaction is automatically identified and the customer is instantly recognized. They don’t have to present their loyalty card or take out their mobile and there’s no action the staff needs to take. Loyalty is rewarded because the customer accumulates points for each purchase, whichever store they shop at, and they enjoy cash- back or promotional offers, for example.

Also, the solution does not require any additional hardware deployment at the point of sale, or integration with the cash register system, which enables rapid and turnkey deployment at a lower cost. Thus, this solution is particularly relevant for multi-brands retail locations (such as shopping malls, city-centers, airports or railway stations) or stores with multiple points of sale.

“We are proud to bring to physical retail players, who currently generate 90% of all retail sales, an easy-to-deploy and natively omnichannel solution, giving them access to a superior level of customer knowledge than e-commerce players”

explains Didier Gasté, co-founder and CEO

Security and data protection requirements comparable to bank sector’s.

Approved by the French Banking Regulatory Authority (ACPR) in December 2018 (Registration Number 17038), Transaction Connect meets banking requirements and accesses the payment data of users who have given their consent in full security under the control of the European Banking Authority. The start-up is audited every six months by Wavestone, a consulting firm particularly renowned in cybersecurity.

“Together with our Data Protection Officer, we have been able to put in place governance and procedures that allow us to reach the very strict requirements of the banking sector. The approval obtained from the Banque de France enhances our ongoing investment in data security and protection. These are encrypted and stored on secure servers based in the EU. This ensures our users can use the service confidently”

Maxime Dellerie, co-founder and CTO.

Fundraising addressing several strategic objectives

Deployed currently in 6 shopping centers, the solution already allows users to benefit from discounts from 520 brands in more than 800 stores. This will be more than double by the end of the year with the deployment of 9 additional centers (more than 880 brands and nearly 1,700 stores) not only in France but also in Spain and Sweden.

“Transaction Connect offers the most elegant and seamless solution we have seen for collecting and using customer data to drive real revenue. It empowers brick-and-mortar players to grow their business through deeper customer loyalty by identifying, engaging and retaining loyal customers in a way that’s never been done before. We are proud to support the company in their ambition to commercialize and deploy their analytics and marketing mass personalization platform to the international level”

comments Cédric Favier, Investment Director Elaia.

Alan Waysbort
Head of Marketing