Unlock the power of payment data

Natively omnichannel, payment data is the most relevant data to build tailor-made omnichannel experiences to your customers.

No more cookies, no more loyalty card offline, welcome to a unified vision of your customer behavior. Take better business decisions now.

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Turn any payment card into a loyalty card.

« Are you a member of our loyalty program? »

Your client will desperately look for their card in their wallet. Time spent and lost? On average 20 seconds. 76% of customers say they give up on buying an item because of a too-long queue. We know your first challenge is to ensure a smooth and reliable data collection without slowing down the customer checkout.

No more loyalty card, physical or digital. Their purchases are directly identified and rewarded without any client or staff action.

Transaction Connect is simple, reliable and secure.

No hardware
No POS integration
No staff training

Transaction Connect is approved by the French Financial authority (ACPR) as payment institution (CIB 17038).

Boost your competitive intelligence

Consumers are more volatile than ever, how to master your competitive environment?

It is essential to have a unified and multichannel vision of your customers’ consumption habits. Thanks to payment data, we analyse with aggregated data purchasing behavior, both on physical locations and e-commerce websites. We help you identify main competing locations, evaluate number of customers/average basket shared with your competition and understand O2O behaviors (showrooming, online purchased returned in store).

Build and activate robust customer segments.

Do you wish to re-engage inactive customers? Do you want to increase the reach of your campaigns?

Payment card data is the most relevant behavioral data to build a deep and granular analysis of customers behaviors and therefore unrivaled segmentation.

Our activation platform automatically recommends targeted and dynamic campaigns to address the right content to your customers and calculate the precise ROI of your marketing actions. It becomes now possible to predict and influence the behaviors of your customers.

See new research on « Covid-19 assessment on omnichannel shopping behavior »

Retail industry has faced the largest, fastest and unprecedented change in shopping behavior ever known. Based on a sample of 10,000 consumers and more than 700,000 transactions online and offline, Transaction Connect delivers here key and unique weekly insights about shopping behavior.

In this white paper, you will learn about:

  • Consumption transformation during lockdown
  • What happened for retail as non-essential businesses begin to re-open
  • « Revenge spending » phenomenon to help retailers recover from lockdown

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