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    A better shopping experience

    Every shopping mall players benefit from our technology

    Benefits for

    • Customers
    • Malls
    • Retailers

    Customers are automatically recognized and rewarded as they pay. Forget about plastic loyalty card. Shopping has never been so easy!

    Personnalized and adapted promotional rewards. Finally, a loyalty program closed to your habits and needs

    Many discover offers to get to know your favorite mall better

    Implement a spending based loyalty program in only 10 days - No hardware- No software- No retailer agreement

    With spending data, manage your mall with new reliable KPIs: - Penetration rates- Spending baskets- Cross sells

    No hardware, no software, no staff briefing! The technology is seamless for you

    New marketing activation capabilities: easily (re)target customers based on spending baskets, frequency of visit or others store synergies

    Target non-customers with special offers and generate incremental sales


    Our product is a game changer for many parts of your business

    • Customer loss

      Anticipate customer loss

      Understand, analyse and anticipate customer attrition

    • Sales

      Increase global sales

      Boost your incremental sales with smart deals

    • Cross-selling

      Improve cross-selling

      Work synergies between stores and improve customers experience!

    • Feed operational dashboards

      Access new and reliable KPIs and manage your business differently!

    • Financing

      Create special deals for customers you did not see for a long time

    • Create a "discover" program

      Encourage your customers to discover new stores!

    The story begins...

    Transaction Connect was founded in 2016. First incubated in Paris Dauphine University, we have been accelerated through Lafayette Plug’n’Play (Q4 2016) and UR Link (Q1 2017) accelerators. Selected by Challenges magazine “100 startups where to invest” (April 2017) we are currently finalist for the David with Goliath Challenge (October 2017).

    • Fondation Paris Dauphine
    • UR Link
    • Lafayette Plug and Play
    • David Avec Goliath

    French tech speaks about us!